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About Us

Our Vision & Mission
Zion Lutheran is a people of God who are always  “Growing in Faith … to Reach Out in Love”

Offering and participating in formal and informal opportunities for faith formation, while seeking to share God’s love and grace beyond our walls and borders.

As part of the universal church of Jesus Christ, we, the people of Zion Lutheran Church, have been called by the Holy Spirit into community to form, nurture, strengthen, and sustain Christian faith and to live lives of continual loving outreach.

As we pray, worship, fellowship, and discern God’s word  together, we are  Growing in Faith to Reach Out in Love and we commit our energy, resources, and spiritual gifts to our mission of serving others in Jesus’ name.

- Our Story

Zion Lutheran Church is the oldest continuously worshipping Lutheran congregation in Davenport. We trace our roots two pre-Civil War missionary efforts in this area. In 1854, a Congregationalist missionary from Ohio succeeded in organizing a German Lutheran Church here, but when they refused to join the Congregationalists mission support was withdrawn. Soon thereafter, the Evangelical Lutheran General Synod attempted to build an English Lutheran Church at the corner of 8th and Gaines. When it failed, the General Synod sent a German speaking pastor to Davenport who succeeded in building up a large German congregation that on June 9, 1862 was organized as “First German Evangelical Lutheran Zion’s Church.” This is the day from which Zion counts its official birth.

The congregation was incorporated in 1864 and purchased the unfinished English Lutheran church at 8th and Gaines along with 2 lots and the parsonage for $1,100. The completed building was dedicated in 1866, then completely renovated and re-dedicated in 1912. English services were initiated during World War I.

The congregation worshipped in the church at 8th and Gaines until April 1951. Older members of the congregation still identify themselves as having been baptized, confirmed or married at “Old Zion” as they fondly refer to this building which no longer stands. It was first sold to the Church of the Nazarene and then later torn down.

 Zion Lutheran Church is currently located at the corner of 8th and Marquette Streets. The present building was dedicated October 14, 1951 and is built on land donated by the L. W. Ramsey family. Elements of “Old Zion,” such as the original church bell cast in St. Louis, were incorporated into the new building. An education wing and office spaces were added in the 1960’s. The original pipe organ was restored and modernized in 2009. The congregation has owns the house at 1219 W. 8th Street which serves as a base for its neighborhood ministries.

Zion Lutheran Church began as a mission start of the Evangelical Lutheran General Synod in the early 1860’s. It has always been a mainline Lutheran church, operating as part of the Synod of Iowa and Other States from 1868 until 1930 when it became part of the American Lutheran Church (ALC). When the ALC merged with the Evangelical Lutheran Church and the United Evangelical Lutheran Church to form The American Lutheran Church (TALC) in 1960 Zion became the only congregation of that denomination in Scott County. Since 1988 Zion has been a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) created from the merger of TALC, the Lutheran Church in America (LCA) and the Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches (AELC).

- Zion’s Pastors
Pastor Karen Ullestad (2013-Present)
Interim Pastor Mark V. Kukkonen (2012-2013)
Pastor Del Preston (2002-2012)
Associate Pastor Ritva H. Williams, PhD (2007-2012)
Pastor Emeritus Alfred Koschade (2002-2008)
Pastor Christopher Mbuga (2004-2005)
Interim Pastor Roger Asplund (2000-2002)
Pastor Ginger Anderson-Larson (1991 – 2000)
Pastor Tim Stoller (1997-2000)
Michael Massa  (1989-1990)
Pastor Allan Negstad (1981-1987)
Pastor Ken Gamb (1975–1996)
Ernest Philippi  (1975 - 1977) 
Pastor Richard Larson (1970-1974)
Pastor John D. Deines (1961-1969)
Assistant Pastor Donald Johnson (1958-1960)
Pastor Eric A. Biedermann (1957-1964)
Assistant Pastor Robert F. Lehmann (1955-1957)
Pastor H. H. Landdeck (1946-1956)
Pastor Louis G. Krebs (1933-1946)
Pastor W. Hoffman (1930-1933)
Pastor Carl Holtermann (1908-1930)
Pastor John Hurtzig (1904-1908)
Pastor Paul Bunge (1897-1903)
Pastor C. Ziehe (1891-1897)
Pastor Behrend Foelsch (1879-1891)
Pastor Jacob Gass (1871-1879)
Pastor Wilhelm Rueter (1870-1871)
Pastor Vomhof (1868-1869)
Pastor Hosia Ritter (1865-1868)
Pastor P. G. Kiesel (1861-1865)


- Our Leaders & Staff

Pastor Karen Ullestad
Office:  (563)322-3533
Mobile: (563)594-9315
E-mail:  pastor.zionlutheranchurch@mediacombb.net

Janine Johnson, Diaconal Minister Candidate
Office:  (563) 322-3533
E-mail:  zionlutheranchurch@mchsi.com

Colleen Peterson, Admin. Support
Office:  (563) 322-3533
E-mail:  zionlutheranchurch@mchsi.com

Dr. Keith Haan, Organist & Choir Director
Through Zion Office:  (563) 322-3533
E-mail:  keith.haan@mchsi.com

Jonathan Turner, Worship & Choir Accompanist
Through Zion Office:  (563) 322-3533
E-mail:  jtpianoman@hotmail.com

Rosie Bates, Children’s Choirs & Handbells
Through Zion Office:  (563) 322-3533
E-mail:  bates2855@mchsi.com

Ken Stoltenberg, Custodian
Office:  (563)322-3533

-  Contact Us

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