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This Week’s Events

“We are dif­fer­ent so that we can know our need of one another...”   [Desmond Tutu]

SUNDAY  (7/6) *Pen­te­cost IV
9:00a     Wor­ship with Holy com­mu­nion
10:15a     Global Min­istry hos­pi­tal­ity hour

MONDAY (7/7)
3:30-5p     Food Pantry

TUESDAY  (7/8)
5:30p     Zion Council

THURSDAY  (7/10)
9:00a     Piece-corps Quilt­ing
3:30-5p   Food Pantry
5:30p     Wor­ship Ensemble

FRIDAY  (7/11) *Pas­tor Karen’s day off

SATURDAY  (7/12)
9:00a     Pew Cleaning

SUNDAY  (7/13)   *Pen­te­cost V
  9:00a     Wor­ship w/Holy Com­mu­nion
10:15a     Con­greg. Forum
Global Min­istry hos­pi­tal­ity hour

   Join us, ALL are welcome!



Hey, Glad you found us! We’ve been waiting for you.

Looking for a place to learn about God, AND serve your neighbor in need? You’ve found the right place — a church that is in the city for good.

Sunday Worship & Holy Communion at 9:00am.  Learning & fellowship for age 3 - 103 at 10:15am.

Come, join us and make a difference!