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This Week’s Events

God can han­dle hon­esty, and prayer begins an hon­est con­ver­sa­tion” Anne Lam­ott

SUNDAY  (2/7) *Trans­fig­u­ra­tion
9:00a         Wor­ship w/Holy Com­mu­nion
10:15a        Sun­day School/FaithTalk/TGIS cof­fee hr
–               ‘Souper­Bowl of Car­ing’ Soup Sale

MONDAY (2/8)
3:30–5p     Food Pantry

TUESDAY  (2/9)
9:00a         L.S.I. GED class

WEDNESDAY  (2/10) *Ash Wednes­day
12:15p        Ash Wednes­day Wor­ship
5:30p         the Belles
6:00p         Children’s Choir
6:30p         Ash Wednes­day Worship

THURSDAY  (2/11)
9:00a          Piece-corps Quilt­ing
9:00a          L.S.I. GED class
3:30–5p       Food Pantry
5:30p          Wor­ship Ensem­ble
6:00p          24/7 Dads Group
6:30p          Adult Choir
7:30p          Adult Bells

FRIDAY  (2/12) *Pas­tor Karen’s day off
10:00a        L.S.I. Staff Meeting

SATURDAY  (2/13)
3:30p         ‘Shar­ing Kitchen’ Meal — cooking

SUNDAY  (2/14) *Lent I
9:00a        Wor­ship w/Holy Com­mu­nion
10:15a       Sun­day School/Faith Talk/TGIS Coffee-hr

Join us, ALL are welcome!


Join us for our Lenten Journey on Wednesdays Feb. 17- March 16
Please add Midday Lenten Prayer at 12:00pm
Simple Soup Suppers at 6:00 p.m.
Healing Around the Cross Evening Prayer at 6:45 p.m.


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