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This Week’s Events

“If we judge peo­ple, we have no time to love them.”   [Mother Teresa]

SUNDAY  (8/30)   *Pen­te­cost 14
9:00a        Wor­ship w/Holy Com­mu­nioS
10:15a       Faith For­ma­tion “Ignite the Spark“
*                 mtg. w/SS & Alleluia fam­i­lies
10:15a       Con­ver­sa­tional Ger­man class

MONDAY (8/31)  *Pas­tor Karen — vac. thru 9/3
10:00a        Artists Unlim­ited
3:30–5p      Food Pantry

TUESDAY  (9/01)
9a–12p       L.S.I. GED Class
10:00a       Clergy Study
6:15p         Faith For­ma­tion team

9a–12p        L.S.I. GED Class

THURSDAY  (9/03)  *Beth — vaca­tion thru 9/9
9a–12p       L.S.I. GED Class
3:30–5p      Food Pantry
5:30p         Wor­ship Ensem­ble
6:30p         Adult Choir
7:30p         Adult Bells

FRIDAY  (9/04) *Pas­tor Karen’s day off
12:00p       Office opens

SATURDAY  (9/05)
9:30a        Z.L.C.W. Board meeting

SUNDAY  (9/06)  * Janine — vac. thru 9/13
9:00a        Wor­ship w/Holy Communion

    Join us, ALL are welcome!


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