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This Week’s Events

If just one per­son is pray­ing for you, buckle up. Things can hap­pen.” Anne Lam­ott

SUNDAY  (12/11) * Advent III
9:00a         Wor­ship w/Holy Com­mu­nion
10:15a       S.S./Faith Talk/Coffee & Fel­low­ship
10:30a       Con­fir­ma­tion class

MONDAY (12/12)
10:00a       L.S.I. GED class
3:30p–5p    Food Pantry
6:00p         24/7 Dads Group

TUESDAY  (12/13)
10:00a       L.S.I. GED class
10:00a       Clergy Study Group

WEDNESDAY  (12/14)
9:00a         L.S.I. GED class
2–4p           Kids in the Kitchen class
5:30p         the Belles
6:00p         ‘Alleluia’ & Children’s Choir
6:30p         Mid­week Word and Worship

THURSDAY  (12/15)
9:00a        L.S.I. GED class
3:30–5p     Food Pantry
5:30p        Wor­ship Ensem­ble
6:00p        Dads Class / Moms Group
6:30p        Adult Choir
7:30p        Adult Bells

FRIDAY  (12/16) *Pr. Karen’s day off
10:00a       Altar Tree decorating

SATURDAY  (12/17)
8:00a         Zion Men’s Group
3:30p         Kids in the Kitchen class

SUNDAY  (12/18) *Advent IV
9:00a         Wor­ship w/Holy Com­mu­nion
10:15a       S.S./Coffee & Fel­low­ship for ALL

Join us, ALL are welcome!


Alleluia! Christ is risen!

Join us for worship, learning and fellowship this Easter season.

Sundays at 9:00am
Worship with Holy communion
Sundays at 10:15am
Learning and fun in the G.I.F.T. Zone for age 3 - 5th grade
Inspired conversations in the Youth Lounge for grades 6-12
'Faith-Talk' Learning and discussion for Adults
T.G.I.S. Fellowship hour in the Lounge

Christ is risen indeed. Alleluia!


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